About Us

Our Inspiration & Beginning : About 13 years ago(in 2011),  after a period of deep mediation and silence in the Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore, a bunch of us who were volunteers at the Art of Living had a vision to serve – “Good Food that doesn’t harm the consumer”.  Taking it further, we gathered a team with similar interest.  

Discovering Organic foods: ‘Organic’ food which was a not very famous at that time our country, it took us a trip to the major players of that time (which was a handful) to understand what can be done. A trip to the organic food source revealed that due to modern agriculture practices the farmer had kind of become a slave to the system. The down to earth people (farmer) who are quite innocent and truthful revealed that no matter what they had to put some chemicals in the farm to get rid of certain bugs which eat the crop’s roots. Bearing this experience, we looked for other ways which could lead us to safe food.   This got us to the understanding that organic food though a modern term was actually practised in our country since millennia possibly the beginning of agriculture and that these chemical pesticides and fertilisers were recent inventions exploiting these ancient methods.   We encouraged the ancient methods devoid of fertilizers and chemicals.

Nature cure with Desi Cow Milk: Starting with raw local humped cow milk which was unheard of at that time we mastered the art of procuring, authenticating and supplying raw milk using processes similar to preserving blood in hospitals from farm to home.

Swarg Journey: Our deep rooted values inspired us to expand and grow giving employment, livelihood to farmers, saving desi cows producing nature cure A2 Milk and serving health to our customers.

Our Company Uniqueness:

  • Employee care: All the employees working in the company are spiritually inclined and practise yoga, pranayama, Sudarshan kriya every day. This helps us to maintain a healthy body and unwavering awareness in the mind towards our goal of providing healthy and tasty food to our consumers.
  • Employee care: We abide to ethics and produce high quality products with utmost sincerity. We bring awesome food to the modern world with the deep rooted wisdom of healthy ancient methods and practices.
  • Energy conservation & simplification: We are extremely conservative and efficient in resource utilization. We simplifying our processes minimize resources, reduce losses and wastages by using efficient tools and methodologies.

Our Vision:

Swarg stands for heaven.  In Swarg, we produce and deliver products that help our customers to regain Health and still relish the taste of heavens.  Our sincere efforts are towards making our consumers stronger, active, healthy and vibrant while giving livelihood to farmers and employment to people.

Our Mission

  • Produce high quality products and deliver them with utmost care & concern for Health & Happiness of our customers, through dedicated, persistent efforts.
  • Provide Livelihood to the farmers and desi cows through support initiatives, trainings on moral values & ethics, improve prosperity and economy, mix of modern and ancient technologies to produce healthy products.
  • Create employment opportunities to a brilliant and vibrant team of Satvik people with complete alignment to our vision and mission.
  • Maintain a Satvik environment in office conducive for positivity, happiness, joy, caring & sharing, creativity and learning at the work place.

Our Core Values

  • Care, Belongingness and Respect towards each Individual (customers, employees, farmers).
  • Clarity & Honesty in our beliefs, decisions and projects we undertake.
  • Purity and cleanliness in our hearts and products.
  • Sincerity and dedication in our efforts.
  • Pursuit to leave Positive, Healthy, Happy and Heavenly Society as a legacy.



More about us here on the art of living website

Swetha R
CEO / Co -Founder

Agriculturist | Meditator | Traditional Food Exper

C Pradeep Kumar
CTO / Co-Founder

Food Enthusiast | Tech Enthusiast

Himanshu Parihar
Head Chef

Food Enthusiast | Tech Enthusiast

Rajesh Warrier
Marketing Lead

Writer | Meditator | Fitness | Foodie

Accounts and Operations executive


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